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Helping farmers and their facilitating organisations for the adaption and implementation of sustainable farming practices.

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What we do

We take the worries of regular monitoring of crops away from the farmers and let our models and system do this job for them.

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How It Works

Our goal is to combine all sources of data and information about your farm at one place, identify and attend to possible problems and advise how to solve them.

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Our Solutions

  • Actionable insights for farmers & value chain actors.
  • Monitors farm & crops using remotely sensed data.
  • Science & model-based advisories for sustainable production.
  • Mitigating sustainability risk of agri-business and processing industries.

Smart Agriculture

Our Products

Climate Smart Agriculture App:

  • Monitor farms remotely.
  • Personalized weather and crop health alerts.
  • Insured farms.

Monitoring and Assessment Portal:

  • Processed satellite Images.
  • Climate risk assessment.
  • Parametric crop insurance.

Our Team

Dr. Naveed Alam (CEO)
Dr. Naveed Alam


Muhammad Abid

COO and Board Member

Sheraz Hussain

Advisor & Board Member

Ali Abbas Pasha


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