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What we do

We take the worries of regular monitoring of crops away from the farmers and let our models and system do this job for them. With the help of satellite information and weather data, hydro-agronomic and forecasting models, our DSS (Decision Support System) guides farmers for their adaptation to a Precision-based agriculture. inFarmer provides timely notifications for essential input requirements precisely, for instance, when and how much water, fertilizers and pesticides are required for the healthy growth of crops and plants.

How it works

Our goal is to combine all sources of data and information about your farm at one place, identify and attend to possible problems and advise how to solve them. This is achieved by collecting satellite, weather and soil data, supplemented them with the historical and forecasted trends. Our DSS — having the knowledge base of agricultural, hydrological and forecasting models supervised by domain experts — analyses the obtained data and notifies the users about what to do when and how.


inFarmer — a digital technological product of WaterSprint for Precision Agriculture — supports farmers and their facilitating organizations for the adaption and implementation of sustainable [farming] practices. It uses ICT and cloud based modern technologies to provide satellite-derived and scientifically-compiled information to the farmers.


Computes crop health and water stress on the basis of calibrated and validated models by using the Sentinel 2 satellite images, soil and weather data with a spatial resolution of 10 meter — means for the smallest area of 10-meter × 10-meter.

Irrigation Schedule

Based on crop water requirement, initial soil moisture content, geological strata and geographical boundary of a particular farm, our system prepares irrigation schedule and communicates it to the end user.

Disease Or Stress Detection

Diagnose the disease or a particular stress to a crop or plant by using machine learning techniques based on artificial intelligence.

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